Contemplative Psychotherapy

Rooted in relationship, contemplative psychotherapy integrates principles from depth psychology and contemplative experience, and operates from the premise that people are basically good and sane.  This view is emphatically non-aggressive. 

Contemplative psychotherapy is based on the understanding that everything we experience is worthwhile and workable.  From this perspective, absolutely everything that we encounter in ourselves and in the world can be met with unconditional friendliness and courage.  

With gentle precision, contemplative psychotherapy cultivates the discipline of mindfulness in body, speech, and mind.  Mindfulness helps us develop the capacity to attend to the reality of our experience with increasing clarity and compassion, opening up our inner and outer lives in profound ways.  As old habits fall away, we become increasingly free and peaceful.

"When we talk about peace we mean that for the first time we are ale to see ourselves completely, perfectly, beautifully as what we are, absolutely as what we are." - Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche